ʔaq̓amnik’ Daycare

The ʔaq̓amnik’ Daycare centre maintains a warm, caring environment and a balanced program that encourages the development of independence and high self-esteem and which promotes each child’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Our centre believes in the promotion of the Ktunaxa and Aboriginal languages and cultures. We believe in furthering our own education to meet the needs of our daycare children. We feel it is of utmost importance to have an excellent rapport with the community and we look for all opportunities to take part in community events.

The centre maintains respect for the needs of all people within each child’s environment, both within and outside the centre itself. We focus on fun-based activities that differ in structure and content from the regular school environment.

Open and honest communication among all is necessary to support each child’s growth. Our centre maintains high standards for health and safety that meet or exceed those developed by the relevant regulatory bodies.