ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises

We are working toward a profitable, sustainable, and self-sufficient community economy that optimizes our diverse skills.

Our efforts focus on five objectives:

  • Create local, responsible enterprises.
  • Grow food and expand agriculture.
  • Build employment and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities through training, mentorship, and partnerships.
  • Develop our community government’s capital assets.
  • Create and sustain a revenue base for our community government.

Our new Economic Development Strategy articulates how we will achieve these objectives. It incorporates community input and is informed by our values, principles, and cultural teachings. Our Community development corporation, ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises (ACE), will generate revenue and create economic opportunities through sound business practices and strategic relationships built upon a foundation of fairness and integrity.

We are working hard to identify economic and business opportunities for our Community and members, and to identify capital projects that will support our Community’s economic development. Our Community Investment Profile aims to provide potential partners and investors with an idea of what the people of the ʔaq̓am Community are like, where we are located, how we do business, and potential partnership opportunities. We strive to cultivate a positive business and entrepreneurial culture for our citizens.

ʔaq̓am is committed to building profit for the Community within a transparent, progressive and forward-thinking paradigm.