Land Use Planning


We, ʔaq̓amnik’ have asserted self-governing jurisdiction over ka ʔamaknaⱡa (our lands) through the development and ratification of our Land Code. The Land Use Plan is our vision for how we will honour and live according to ʔaknumuȼtiⱡiⱡ (Natural Law) as our ancestors did before us.

Our Land Use Plan is a document that sets forth the future vision for how ka ʔamaknaⱡa (our lands) will be used. The future vision is set forth through a series of visual maps along with a set of laws and policies to ensure the vision is made possible.

The community engagement plan for the ʔaq̓am Community Land Use Plan consisted of a variety of methods that built on previous consultations performed in 2008, 2012 and 2014. Engagement activities undertaken in 2015 focused on hands-on workshops, home visits, and engaging youth with the purpose of determining proper locations for various future land uses.

This Land Use Plan is permissive in its nature. The intent of the Land Use Plan is not to have overly restrictive laws and regulations, rather to protect important features and encourage connection to the land. Thus the Land Use Plan should be interpreted to allow continued existing uses of the land unless specifically restricted in the Land Use Plan.