Safety & Security

ʔaq̓am-City of Cranbrook Fire Protection Services Extension

Cranbrook, BC – On Thursday, June 1st, 2017, ʔaq̓am Chief and Council signed an extension to the currently held Fire Protection Agreement with the City of Cranbrook. The previous agreement that covered the ʔaq̓am Administration area has seen an extension that will add the majority of residences and roadways in the community.

For many years ʔaq̓am as a community has been working hard to get its own volunteer fire department operational. Due to costs of infrastructure and equipment, dedicated volunteer hours required, increased insurance regulations and general liability for Community Members and ʔaq̓am as an organization, it was deemed unfeasible at this time to further pursue the volunteer fire department model. From this conclusion in 2016, Chief and Council advised ʔaq̓am Staff to negotiate with the City of Cranbrook to look at having Fire Protection Services extended into the community.

“…the idea of entering into these negotiations has been on the table in excess of 20 years.  The conclusion of this agreement is a clear demonstration of our communities working together and thinking outside of the box” said Nasuʔkin Joe Pierre.

Negotiations between the two parties picked up in September and carried on for approximately 8 months with a signed and working agreement as a result. This agreement will carry a term of 10 years, and both the City of Cranbrook and ʔaq̓am are excited to get something like this working and in place.

Mayor Lee Pratt added the following “…myself and Council are very pleased that we are able to provide this service, which enhances the health and safety of the ʔaq̓am Community.  I would also like to express our thanks to Fire Chief Wayne Price and his department, as well as our City staff for bringing this much needed service to the ʔaq̓am Community.”