Membership & Status Cards

Membership Law

The Kootenay Nations St. Mary’s Indian Band Membership Laws, developed in 1987, has been identified as requiring revisions/updates based on community survey data.  Community began revisions to the Law in 2016 and we are seeking further input with the intent of hosting a ratification vote on a new Membership Law in 2020.

Community Meetings began in October 2019. If you have missed any of the previous Engagement Sessions and would like Meeting Minutes or handouts, please contact Julie Couse at .

Future Community Meeting dates will be scheduled once a Draft Law has been developed. 


Indian Registration Administrator

Unfortunately, ʔaq̓am is currently unable to support any requests for a meeting with the Indian Registration Administrator (IRA), as we no longer have anyone employed in this role.

The IRA position requires completion of training offered by Indigenous Services Canada, so training of a new individual is dependent on ISC offering such training. We will continue to monitor for this future training opportunity.

For assistance completing Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) Card applications in the meantime, please contact Michelle Sing, the regional ISC contact, at 604-368-4982 or .

Status Card application forms can be downloaded from