Chief and Council

Joe Pierre Jr.

Nasuʔkin (Chief) Joe Pierre Jr. was elected to the position as the Chief for the ʔaq̓am Community in 2016. Nasuʔkin Joe previously served on ʔaq̓am Council as a councillor and brings with him that experience, as well as vast cultural knowledge and story telling. He is the "go to" person for sharing the ʔaq̓am version of the Ktunaxa Creation Story. Along with his wife Jen and son, Jude, Joe is a proud Ktunaxa member and a long time resident of Cranbrook.

As Nasuʔkin of ʔaq̓am, Joe also holds the portfolio of Economic Sector at the Ktunaxa Nation level.  He is a family man who also dedicates his time to coaching basketball for the elementary school and has been working for School District 5 for many years.

Julie Birdstone

Councillor Julie Birdstone was elected to the position as Councillor for ʔaq̓am Community in 2016. She spends some of her time beading and sewing traditional jewelry and clothing, or hitting the powwow trail.

As Councillor of ʔaq̓am, Julie holds the Traditional Knowledge & Language Sector Portfolio at the Ktunaxa Nation level.

Julie shares her cultural knowledge and expertise through teaching traditional dance and regalia making with the Community to ensure the Ktunaxa Culture is passed down. 

Jason Andrew

Councillor Jason Andrew was newly elected as Councillor for ʔaq̓am in October 2018. Jason is a proud Ktunaxa member and has lived in the area his whole life. He purchased his own home in Cranbrook in 2016. He has worked for the Ktunaxa Nation Council and the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino for over a decade. Jason holds the Lands & Resources portfolio. Jason was the chair of the ʔaq̓am Community Enterprise Board of Directors for three years, he is the Vice-chair of the ʔaq̓am Education Committee and he holds a seat on the BC ATEAM. Within his Lands portfolio he will also be taking on a seat on the Lands Committee.

In his personal time Jason likes to hunt with his Dad and is continuing to learn the Ktunaxa language.  


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