Lands & Natural Resources

ʔaq̓amnik’ have always had a strong connection to the land – it provides food and shelter, and sustains all that we do – and because of this we know that the relationship of land and economy is intimate.  We have established self-governing jurisdiction over our lands, so that we are the real decision-makers of our future.

Guided by Ka Kniⱡwitiyaⱡa - Our Thinking, ʔaq̓am governs Ka ʔamaknaⱡa ȼ ʔaqyxaxniyam (Lands and Resources) to responsibly steward ʔaq̓am lands and resources for the use and benefit of all ʔaq̓amnik̓. Our objectives are:

  • reconnect with the spirit of the land and all living things;
  • strengthen our stewardship skills and knowledge of the land;
  • preserve and protect cultural resources, sacred sites, and ancestral remains;
  • use our lands and resources for economic purposes in a respectful and sustainable manner;
  • establish self-governing jurisdiction over our lands;
  • preserve, protect and exercise Ktunaxa rights and title.


Stewardship of ʔaq̓am lands and resources, for the benefit of all ʔaq̓am community members, is one of our greatest responsibilities.