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Address: 7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC. V1C 7E5

Community Government

Carl Ninine
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3540 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for leading ʔaq̓am’s overall strategic direction and operations and is responsible for overseeing and directing all programs and services offered by the Organization, as well as administering the Organization’s annual operating budget.  This position is the primary liaison between Chief and Council and the Organization, implementing any directives or decisions. The CAO is also responsible for leading employees to achieve ʔaq̓am’s Vision, Mission, and values, and monitoring organizational performance.

Mr Carl Ninine is a First Nation Cree Speaking man, from northern Saskatchewan.  Carl was raised in a traditional way, on his grandparent’s traplines on Reindeer Lake.  Since Reindeer Lake, Carl has travelled the world, lived in Australia, India and Thailand, and worked extensively overseas.  Carl returned to Canada to be with more fully with his extended family in Canada. Carl’s experience has seen him in public and private sectors, working as a CEO of 2 local governments in Australia (overseeing hundreds of staff and large budgets), as Director of Operations and Finance of Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (Saskatchewan’s largest First Nation), and working at Canada Revenue Agency. In the role with the local governments, Carl ran the operational side of the government authorities, with a full range of responsibilities such as strategic and policy development and direction; implementation of policies, strategies and decisions; leadership of departmental operations and performance; etc. Carl has also been in private business, owning and operating companies in project management and wastewater treatment. Carl’s education includes Project Management (Applied Management Center, Vancouver), M.B.A. (Deakin, Melbourne, Australia); Certified Practising Accountant (C.P.A.) (Institute of CPA, Australia); Company Directors Course of Australia (Company Directors of Australia); and Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance Major (U of Regina). 


Amanda Gnucci
Human Resources Generalist
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3550 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

The Human Resources (HR) Generalist provides management, consultation, interpretation, guidance, coordination, facilitation, administration and valuation of the functions, policies, systems, processes and practices that support the Organization’s human resources. This position will create policies and procedures that align with the culture of the Organization and its mission and vision statements.  It covers HR functions including policy development and interpretation, recruitment, position management, benefits, compensation, performance management and employee relations.This position supports opportunities for growth and development of human capacity, while ensuring the human resource needs of the organization are met in the job positions and individuals in those positions. The HR Generalist is a resource to employees and management.


Executive Assistant
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Receptionist - Lyla Gilhuly

Phone: 250-426-5717  | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Bonnie Harvey
Governance Coordinator 
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:  

Chief & Council

Joe Pierre Jr.
Nasuʔkin (Chief)
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935

Jason Andrew
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935

Vickie Thomas
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935 

Julie Birdstone
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935

Sancira Williams-Jimmy
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935

Community Health & Wellness

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3523 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Registered Nurse
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3527 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Ivan Nikolov
Youth & Recreation Coordinator 
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3528 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 

Debbie Patrick 
Registered Care-aid
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3562 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:  

Kristen Queen
Medical Office Assistant
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3593 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 

Richard Leesman
Addictions Counsellor
Phone: 250-426-5717  | Fax: 250-426-8935 | 

Josh Lockhart
Youth and Family Counsellor
Phone: 250-426-5717  | Fax: 250-426-8935 | 

Operations & Housing

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3523 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Mitchell Tom
Operations Coordinator
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3524 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Alicia Phillips 
Housing Coordinator 
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3580 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Logan Casimer
Facility Maintenance Worker
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3544 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: l

Phil Wood
Facility Maintenance Worker
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3544 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Kim Halvorson
Program Assistant/Social Development
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3536 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 

Cam Joseph
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3611 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 


ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises (ACE)

Christopher McCurry
Chief Executive Officer, ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises
Phone: 778-761-0770
Fax: 250-426-8935

Ryan Phillips
Business Development Manager
Phone: 778-761-0809
Fax: 250-426-8935

Aminda Jospeh
Administrative Assistant


Lands & Natural Resources

Julie Couse
Director, Lands and Natural Resources
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext.3531 | Fax: 426-8935 | Email:

John Brace
Registered Professional Forester
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext.3588 | Fax: 426-8935 | Email:

Reem Saraya
Land Code Advisor
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3584 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Sonya Sejer
Lands and Resources Project Coordinator 
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3539 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 


Education Services

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3523 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Eryn Geddes
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Education Centre Principal
Phone: 778-761-0816 | Fax: 250-426-8935| Email:

Marisa Phillips
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Education Centre Secretary
Phone: 778-761-0709 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 

Kelli Dalziel
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare Manager
Phone: 778-761-0882 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Audrey Palmer
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare Assistant Manager
Phone: 778-761-0896 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 

Language & Culture

Sonya Morigeau
Language and Culture Manager
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3538  | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email: 

Brett Capilo
Language and Culture Administrative Assistant
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3535  | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:

Saige Francis 
Language and Culture 
Phone: 250-426-5717 | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:  

Chrystal Williams
Language and Culture 
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext.3525  | Fax: 250-426-8935 | Email:   

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