ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare

Program Philosophy

Our programs strive to provide a rich experiential based program that enhances children’s growth and self-awareness in all areas of development including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  We encourage children to be aware of their strengths and share them with others, while also learning to develop new skills.  We focus on fun, hands on activities that encourage communication, leadership, problem-solving, social skills and life skills.  We believe that children deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and encourage them to participate in planning activities and programming. We believe in teaching children to respect themselves, others and all living things.  We believe that connections to culture and family are instrumental in child development and strive to make Ktunaxa language and culture a central component of programming. Our program maintains high standards for health and safety that meet or exceed those developed by relevant regulatory bodies.

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Program Information

The ʔaq̓amnik Daycare is a licensed center that accommodates children ages 8-36 months and ages 3-5 years. These are two separate programs that are located within the same building at ʔaq̓am.

Both programs operate Monday to Friday, all year round, from 8:15am-5:00pm, excluding statutory holidays, and typically is closed for two weeks during Christmas holidays.  Other closures may occur from time to time to accommodate for repairs/renovations, and staff’s professional development.  Parents will be given 14 days notice regarding any planned closures.

The ʔaq̓amnik Daycare strives in providing quality care to children and their families. We incorporate the Early Learning frameworks four foundations of learning; belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression, in our daily teachings. The program is play based and child lead, meaning that when the children show an interest to something, the teachers provide more information, and teach them through experiences.

Outdoor time is enjoyed daily and we provide and promote inclusion in a natural landscape with earthy objects at the children’s fingertips.

We incorporate as many natural materials within the center that we can, as this helps provide a comfortable and calming atmosphere.

ʔaq̓am Vision/Education Goal:

A vibrant, healthy community, speaking our language, governing effectively and maximizing our lands and resources for the benefit of all living things and future generations, in a manner consistent with qanikitȼi (our values and principles).


Licensed professionals that have been trained in caring for and guiding children in activities, and day-to-day routines operate our programs.  Staff and Supervisors are required by law to follow the Childcare Licensing Regulations of BC.


The waitlist follows a priority allocated as follows:

Children who are registered ʔaq̓am Band Members.
Children who are Community Members/or members of the Ktunaxa Nation.
Children of ʔaq̓am Band staff.
All other children.

Further to this sequence of priority, the Daycare must also select children with whom have an appropriate date of birth/age at the time of available opening, as the laws of licensing and regulation need to be met. 


ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare

Daycare Manager: Kelli Dalziel

T: (778) 761-0882 EXT. 3701

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7470 Mission Rd Cranbrook, BC V1C 7E5