Workforce Development Research is Underway!

June 18, 2014

Kiʔsuk kyukyit ʔaq’amnik;

I am pleased to inform you that the St. Mary’s Band is undertaking a Workforce Development Strategy as directed by you, the Community, to better inform how to best serve the needs of ʔaq’amnik.  This Strategy is a direct outcome of your feedback as Community Members throughout the Strategic Planning Process.  As such, the Department of Community & Economic Development welcome Michele Sam as Workforce Development Researcher to gather some initial information from you and your fellow Community Members that will inform the Strategy.

This Project is led by the Economy Tipi Pole Goal and Objective 3 which is to “Build employment and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities through training, mentorship and partnerships.”  Furthermore, part of the Mission that Council has set for the Community’s Development Corporation, ʔaq’am Community Enterprises (“ACE”) is to “Develop, manage, and advocate training, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.” 

Currently, the Department has very little guidance or data however to set targets, implement programs that are effective, negotiate partnerships that create impact, nor have little information from Community about the types of jobs or training they need or are interested in.  Because of this lack of data, targets, and information the Department is completing this Strategy specific to the St. Mary’s Indian Band to inform the St. Mary’s Band Council, ACE Board, Community, and employees of how to target resources in order to make a positive impact on the workforce and quality of life for ʔaq’amnik.

The St. Mary’s Band has acquired funding for Michele to complete the research portion of this Workforce Development Strategy which is expected to be complete by September 30, 2014 and will be shared with Community upon completion.  Michele will be undertaking individual surveys and collective focus groups over the next couple of months.  You will see her at Community events.  Please welcome her and engage if you have information you would like to share.  You have the choice to participate or not.

Benefits to participate in this research are to better inform yourself and Community about the kind of work and life you would like to lead individually and collectively.  It will also allow Council to develop programs and services that will benefit you and your family over the long term regarding workforce development and educational/training funding. 

There will be a draw at the end of Michele’s research wherein each survey participant will receive and entry.  The prize will be drawn in September and will be a $250 Gift Certificate to Superstore. 

We look forward to working with you on this exciting project!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

With gratitude and respect,


Becky Pelkonen

Director of Community & Economic Development