Proposed Amendments to the St. Mary's Indian Band Land Code

Kiʔsuk kyukit,

ʔaq̓am is proposing amendments to the St. Mary's Indian Band Land Code.

A Community Land Code meeting will be held at the Band Hall on Wednesday, October 7th from 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. to discuss. Dinner will be provided.

The most substantive proposed amendments include:
• Changing the name from the “St. Mary’s Indian Band” to “ʔaq̓am” throughout the document;
• The addition of St. Mary’s Indian Reserve No.1;
• The removal of the provisions granting Council the authority to make Regulations;
• Removal of all references to the St. Mary’s Indian Band Register and replacement with the First Nations Land Register;
• Additional language and clarification around the Transfers on Death and Mental Incompetence provisions; and
• The ability for Council to make non-substantive amendments to the Land Code by Band Council Resolution.

Further information and an amended version of the Land Code can be found below. The same information has been mailed to the most recent known address of all ʔaq̓amnik Eligible Voters.