Ktunaxa Font

Near and dear to our heart, the St Mary's Indian Band has been renamed to our rightful traditional name of ʔa̓qam.  Attached you will find the file that will allow to you install the font thus allowing you to properly spell this and other ktunaxa words.  To install this onto your system:

1. Download the attached Ktunaxa_unicode_font file to your desktop

2. Right click and rename the ".txt" portion of the file name to ".exe"

3. Run the installation file as prompted.

Also included is the dowloadable file for the reference card.  As you will see from this card, once you toggle to the ktunaxa keyboard, keys such as the number 4, will now become ʔ.

The ʔaq̓am administration is greatful to the number of responses of people and organizations that are mindful to use our correct spelling.