Call for Interest, ʔaq̓am Finance and Audit Committee

ʔaq̓am Finance and Audit Committee is looking for a new community member to join the committee.

We are looking for a member, for a potential two-year term, who wishes to aid in financial governance, scrutiny and supporting Chief and Council in financial decision making.

A committee member will ideally have:

The ability to read, understand and analyze the financial statements and the notes to the financial statements; including reasons for the occurrence of inclusion in the notes.
The ability to understand accounting policies, estimates and judgements when these are explained by the Financial Personnel and Financial Advisors.
 Sound understanding of good business and governance practices.
A view to long-term planning and projections.
An understanding of the Band’s strategic goals and objectives and how they impact operations, accounting policies or the decision making processes.
The ability to understand the impact of the strategic goals and objectives and monitor impacts on organization.
Be champions for sound financial management, fiscal responsibility and ethical decision making.
A knowledge and understanding of the strategies that have been adopted by the Band and the risks inherent in any new strategies and the impact on limited available resources.
And ability to understand the Band’s risk environment.
Act with honesty and in good faith with the Band
Be in ‘Good Standing’ with the Band
Must be willing to sign and abide by a Confidentiality agreement.
Be able to meet at least on a quarterly basis, and sometimes at short notice around the financial year end.


Coaching would be offered in Financial Management and Financial Statements.

If you would like to join the Committee, please submit an expression of interest in the form of a letter outlining your skills and experience relevant to the position. This posting will close 11th March 2021.

Ivan Winter - Director of Finance

T: 250 426 5717 ext 3530