Lands & Natural Resources

ʔaq̓amnik’ have always had a strong connection to the land – it provides food and shelter, and sustains all that we do – and because of this we know that the relationship of land and economy is intimate.  We seek to establish self-governing jurisdiction over our lands, so that we may be the real decision-makers of our future.

In January 2012, ʔaq̓am was accepted into the Framework Agreement for Land Management Regime. Over the next two years, ʔaq̓am will develop a Land Code that will replace 34 land related sections of the Indian Act. This will enable us to take advantage of economic opportunities and have more direct control of land management activities on reserve. It is a great initiative and one we hope will help bring greater prosperity to our community.

ʔaq̓am aims to strengthen our stewardship skills and knowledge of our land. Currently, we are focusing efforts on ecosystem restoration, having partnered with Tembec to restore 800 hectares of land – one of the largest ecosystem restoration projects in the East Kootenay. We have completed a lands inventory project, identified ‘leave tree’ specifications and we are working to preserve species such as the Flammulated Owl and the Northern Leopard Frog.

Stewardship of ʔaq̓am lands and resources, for the benefit of all ʔaq̓am community members, is one of our greatest responsibilities.