Land Use Planning

Through a grant from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s BC Capacity Initiative program, ʔaq̓am created a draft Land Use Plan (LUP) that will help guide future land management activities and the creation of the Land Code.

The community played a big role in creating this plan, with approximately 126 members from both on and off reserve taking part in a land use survey. In addition, the community members attended LUP engagement meetings to help guide the process of developing the plan. The LUP will develop even further this year as the Lands Department collaborates with other departments to resolve a few of the constraining issues identified within the plan, specifically the availability of potable water. A land status review has also been initiated, to develop a strategy to enable the ʔaq̓am to implement a land management and land registry regime that best suits their objectives for the future.

The Lands Department has been successful in obtaining grant funding to conduct a resource inventory on reserve to measure the total amount of forest biomass, wildlife habitat suitability and noxious weed distribution. This inventory will also include a meteorological station on reserve, which will allow us to measure the annual solar hours ʔaq̓am receives. Resource inventories help support activities related to economic development and land management in the future by incorporating this information into the finalized LUP.