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This position is responsible to support the Community Health and Wellness programs with administrative support including payables, filing, minute taking, and event and activity support.  Additionally, the position will lead the planning and facilitation of a Community Recreation program that promotes and provides opportunities to increase citizen’s access to fitness and life skills (including socio-cultural support) activities and programs. This would include a targeted programming for youth aged 12-18 designed to promote personal growth and wellbeing; fitness gym evenings; and fitness competitions and events. 


Recreation Program:
• Facilitate physical fitness two evenings per week in the ʔaq̓amnik̓ School Gym:  One being focused on Community and one focused on pre-season training for sports teams’ tryouts
• Plan and facilitate events such as: Coaching workshop, Community Competitions, and Fitness Education
• Guide future activities from Community feedback and ideas
• Create competitions with other First Nation communities
Administration Support:
• Assisting all programs in the CHW Department with payables, filing, meeting and event preparations, and minute taking
• Assisting in the delivery of events and activities as requested


• Demonstrated knowledge of Ktunaxa/Aboriginal people and Ktunaxa/Aboriginal culture is an asset
• Demonstrated excellence in Fitness or Sport Activities
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to engage with youth from diverse backgrounds; ability to quickly build rapport and trust 
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Demonstrated strong organizational skills
• Three years’ experience in Delivery of Recreational Activities
• Two years’ experience in Office Administration, Event Planning and Facilitation
• Physically fit to deliver and participate in training programs
• Patient and approachable
• Flexible and adaptable
• Strong organizational and time management skills
• Completion of and possession of valid CPR and First Aid Certificate
• Valid Class 5 BC driver’s license
• Vulnerable Sector Check and Criminal Record Check clearance required


Remuneration:  Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Please submit your cover letter and resume marked “confidential” to:
Jan Bailey, HR Manager
ʔaq̓am Administration
7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 7E5;
Fax: 250-426-8935

Closing Date:   Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 @ 4:30 MT

Thank you to all those that apply, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 




Job Description
Position: Director of Community Health and Wellness
Department: Community Health and Wellness
Reports to: Chief Operating Officer
Date: April 2018
Position Type: Permanent Full-Time

ʔaq̓am is a member Community of the Ktunaxa Nation (pronounced ‘k-too-nah-ha’). ʔaq̓am Organization exists for the Community. Externally, we are here to serve the Community, and internally, we are our own Community, comprised of different departments unified by our Vision, Mission, and values. As a team, through our own roles and departments, the ʔaq̓am Organization works together to achieve our strategic plan – “ka kniⱡwi·tiyaⱡa ~ Our Thinking”, and continue to progress and move our Community forward.

The Director of Community Health and Wellness (the “DCH&W”) is responsible and accountable for the departmental leadership, direction and overall management of Community Health, Wellness, Education, Social Services, Childcare, Ktunaxa Language and Culture programs and resources to include: policy development and administration; human resource management; management of formal plans, strategies, goals, programs and services; administration of funding agreements and contracts; and the overall valuation and monitoring of the Community Health and Wellness Department (the “CHWD”) resources (intellectual, financial, human, technical and capital) in accordance with ʔaq̓am’s strategic plan to achieve our Vision.

The Director manages the Department relationship with the other ʔaq̓ am Administration Departments, the Community, the Ktunaxa Nation Social and Employment Sectors, external funding agencies and service delivery bodies, as it relates to the planning, research, design, development, delivery and evaluation of those programs and services and their outcomes. In addition, the Director coordinates the building of Department capacity in preparing to implement the additional powers and authorities of selfgovernment.

Department Staff:
Education - ʔaq̓amnik̓ School
 Principal
 Vice-Principal
 Teachers (5)
 Education Assistants (3)
 School Receptionist/Administration Clerk
 School Bus Driver (Part-time)
 School Bus Monitor (Part-time)

ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare Centre
 Daycare Manager
 Early Childhood Educator/Infant Toddler Educator
 Early Childhood Educator (3)

Social Development and Employment
 Client Services Coordinator
 Recreation Worker
 Community Home Maker
 Counselor (part-time)

Health and Wellness
 Registered Nurse/Community Health Representative
 Registered Care Aids (2)

Language and Culture
 Language Specialist (part-time)
 Language and Culture Coordinator (part-time)


  •  Performs all duties and responsibilities in accordance with ʔaq̓am policies, standards and procedures and as directed by Chief and Council.
  •  Maintains confidentiality on all matters relating to the affairs of the ʔaq̓am Organization, ʔaq̓amnik̓, ʔaq̓am Community Members and ʔaq̓am.

Team Building Leadership

  •  Provides leadership in the establishment of relevant ʔaq̓am standards related to social investment.
  •  Practices a team driven approach to decision making that gives direction and support to the CHW Team in the planning, development and management of ʔaq̓am’s CHWD’s resources, programs and services.
  •  Supports and guides the CHW Team in the maintenance and evolution of Community health and wellness services.
  •  Provides leadership in promoting social responsibility and wellness.

Strategic Direction and Departmental Goals
 Provides stewardship of Department’s assets, to include the standardization and implementation of the strategic plan, deployment of resources, policies and practices across in the operations of the Department to ensure alignment with ʔaq̓am Values, Mission and Vision

  •  Seeks to optimize resources and outcomes by strategically partnering with other ʔaq̓am Department Directors to ensure roles and responsibilities are complimentary and mandates/internal protocols are followed
  •  Acts as liaison between Chief and Council, Ktunaxa Nation Council’s Social and Employment Sectors and Government Agencies.
  •  Participates in semi-monthly Chief and Council meetings and provides regular and special Operating and other reports.
  •  Participates in semi-monthly Directors’ meetings, providing regular updates on the Department and Community concerns, issues and successes.
  •  Ensures the Chief Operating Officer (the “COO”) and Chief and Council are informed of sensitive and important issues that may affect operations.
  •  Develops draft policies for review by the Policy Committee and approval by Chief and Council.


  •  Facilitates the interpretation of ʔaq̓am’s Values, Mission and Vision and implements the strategic plan to achieve desired results.
  •  Directs the implementation, monitoring and evolution of the Department’s strategic and operating plans.
  •  Oversees staff work plans and ensures their alignment with broader strategic and operating plans of the Department and the ka kniⱡwi·tiyaⱡa (our thinking).
  •  Ensures that the interests of the ʔaq̓amnik̓ and Community Members, ʔaq̓am Community and Government are fully integrated in the development of Department plans.
  •  Participates in ʔaq̓am strategic planning processes and the development and implementation of integrated Department work plans.
  •  Anticipates short and long term Department issues and concerns; identifies and prepares solutions for implementation and/or recommendations to the COO.
  •  Plans for growth of the Department in cooperation with other Departments of ʔaq̓am Administration.
  •  Participates in external planning and research process that have been approved by the COO.
  •  Establishes and maintains Department succession plan.


  •  Provides oversight, support and decision making in all program areas to maintain and evolve the integrated strategic direction of the Department and to ensure that programs meet the needs of the ʔaq̓am Community.
  •  Builds and maintains the strategic and organizational capacity to enable the ʔaq̓amnik̓ to be effective stewards of their health and well-being.
  •  Represents ʔaq̓am’s interests and strategic vision when assessing the potential to forge or to formalize relationships with government and other third parties; gains approval by the COO prior to entering into such partnerships
  •  Manages the Department’s relationship and agreements with the Ktunaxa Nation Council and outside interests, organizations and agencies.
  •  Leads or participates in the negotiation of Department specific agreements; ensures that agreements are implemented in accordance with the terms agreed upon by ʔaq̓am Administration.


  •  Oversees regular Employee Development Reviews of Department Staff and Programs.
  •  Evaluates overall effectiveness and capacity of the Department to achieve goals and develop and implement measures for improvement, where required.
  •  Evaluates effectiveness of resource use and mechanisms of allocating funding to programs and services and makes recommendations for improvement, where required.


  •  Prepares and presents, written and verbal, consolidated Department reports to the:
  •  COO,
  •  Chief and Council, and
  •  ʔaq̓amnik̓ and Community Members in the Annual Report and ʔaq̓am Band Meetings.
  •  Ensures that all fiscal and legal reporting requirements are met by all staff and contractors.
  •  Ensures that achievements are recognized and celebrated regularly.

Human Resource Management

  •  Assists with the development of position descriptions for positions within the Department.
  •  Assists with the recruitment/selection of Department staff and the development of offers of employment.
  •  Authorizes the recruitment/selection of Department contractors; develops and approves offers of contractor service agreements.
  •  Directs, guides, coaches and mentors Department staff.
  •  Performs Employee Development Reviews including the co-development of employee training and development plans, performance enhancement programs and oversees disciplinary actions as required.
  •  Ensures that all staff and contractors have the skills, knowledge, education and experience to perform the responsibilities of their positions.
  •  Ensures that staff and contractors are guided by work plans and that staff, contractors and the work plans are progressing accordingly; monitoring and adjusting for effectiveness on a quarterly basis.
  •  Recommends changes to staff functions and placements (i.e. temporary / permanent employment status, position title, salary or wage) following Human Resource policies and procedures.
  •  Ensures the health and safety of employees by monitoring work practices and by providing for emergency health and safety measures.
  •  Ensures that all staff and contractors maintain ongoing compliance with both internal and external law, regulations and policy (i.e. audits, contracts, confidentiality, privacy, health and safety).
  •  Provides mentorship and promotes employee opportunities within the Department.

Financial Management

  •  Actively seeks out and prepares proposals for approval by the COO.
  •  Directs and oversees the development and submission of relevant applications / proposals for funding.
  •  Enters into funding agreements as authorized by the COO.
  •  Oversees and monitors the administration of funding agreements.
  •  Provides financial reports to funding organizations.
  •  Manages the financial affairs of the Department and reports on the financial performance
  •  Manages the development of annual programs, operating and capital budgets and ensures that budgets are managed/administered as approved.
  •  Prepares annual operating budget for the Department, adhering to established guidelines and protocols.
  •  Monitors, tracks, and reconciles expenditures to approved budget; identifying variances
  •  Identifies and secures financial resources.
  •  Monitors and approves expenditures to authorized budget.

Community and Public Relations

  •  Ensures that the Department communications and public relations strategy and plan are active and monitors for effectiveness with team; recommendations for substantial changes to be approved by COO
  •  Ensures that the relationships and communications with the Community, government, public, interest groups, and other organizations and agencies is appropriate to the position, image and interest of the Department and ʔaq̓am in general.


  •  Represents the Department’s interests as directed, in negotiation with government and private sector.
  •  Acts as Department liaison with Council, staff, contractors, government departments, private sector and other First Nation and aboriginal organizations as authorized.
  •  Participates in Inter-Department networking.
  •  Maintains regular effective communication amongst and between Department operations, Chief and Council and the Community.
  •  Initiates, develops and maintains relationships and liaisons with external agencies to achieve Department goals, which have been approved within Annual Work Plan


  •  Maintains a good understanding of the culture, language, heritage and traditions of the Ktunaxa; demonstrates across all programs and initiatives their connection to achieving the Community Strategic Plan.
  •  Negotiates with public and private entities for access to financial, capital and human resources including those held by external agencies.
  •  Oversees the development and submission of reports to external agencies as per agreements.
  •  Represents the interests and affairs of the Department internally (across Departments) and with outside organizations and agencies.
  •  Ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are developed, communicated and implemented.
  •  Prepares and presents, written and verbal, consolidated Department Reports as required.
  •  Monitors and supports operations regularly to achieve excellence in effectiveness, professionalism and compliance with internal and external obligations.
  •  Ensures that achievements are recognized and celebrated regularly.
  •  Maintains working knowledge of relevant legislation, policies, standards and best practices across all aspects of the Department operating environment.
  •  Makes recommendations for the drafting of policies and regulations to the COO and Chief and Council when necessary.
  •  Oversee the establishment and maintenance of Department-specific research and publication strategy.
  •  Oversee and participate in resource development and dissemination.
  •  Participate in the education of external agencies as appropriate to establish effective working relationships and services.
  •  Establish infrastructure (facilities, tools and instruments) for Department service delivery in coordination with the Administration and Operation Departments.
  •  Provides intervention leadership to ʔaq̓am and ʔaq̓amnik̓ in crisis and emergency.
  •  Performs other duties and responsibilities as necessary in the performance of the position, and as assigned by the COO and Chief and Council.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  •  Knowledge of the Ktunaxa Nation, Ktunaxa Culture and ʔaq̓am Community
  •  Excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  •  Demonstrated leadership and management skills, utilizing a Team Building approach
  •  Exceptional integrity and professionalism
  •  Lifestyle consistent with the importance and responsibilities of the position
  •  Ability to make critical decisions in the moment
  •  Exceptional planning, organizational and coordination skills
  •  Demonstrated ability to develop policies and procedures
  •  Exceptional mediation and conflict management skills
  •  Demonstrated knowledge of related Government Regulations
  •  Ability to consistently demonstrate tact, discretion and sound judgment
  •  Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  •  Demonstrated commitment to fiscal management
  •  Exceptional analytical and decision-making skills
  •  Strong cultural sensitivity and understanding
  •  Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  •  Criminal Records Check
  •  Valid BC Driver’s License. Driver’s Abstract and own transportation
  •  Ability to travel as required for the position

Training, Education, and Experience

  •  Bachelor degree in Humanities, Social Work or other related programs
  •  Six (6) to eight (8) years related experience to include three (3) to four (4) years at the contract and program delivery management level
  •  Post-secondary courses or formal training to include: Leadership, Teambuilding, Administration Management/Supervision, Policy Development, and Effective Human Resource Management
  •  Experience in the leadership and management of health and wellness programs and staff
  •  Experience working with relevant Government Agencies and applicable Legislation
  •  Experience in the planning, development and management of community services and education programs and staff
  •  Experience working in a First Nation Organization
  •  Understanding of First Nation Governance and implementation strategies

Critical Success Factors
The core of our business is serving the ʔaq̓am Community and the Ktunaxa Nation overall. Therefore, anyone who joins the organization should have an understanding of ʔaq̓am and/or the Ktunaxa Nation. This understanding can be gained from being a member of the ʔaq̓am Community and/or the Ktunaxa Nation, being from ʔaq̓am or Ktunaxa ancestry, or from working with the Community and/or the Nation. If a person looking to join the ʔaq̓am Organization does not currently possess this understanding of the Community or Nation, they must demonstrate a genuine interest to learn more and immerse themselves in the culture to gain a greater understanding.




Position: Human Resources Generalist
Department: Administration

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer
Date: May 2018
Position Type: Four-Year Term, Full-Time

ʔaq̓am is a member Community of the Ktunaxa Nation (pronounced ‘k-too-nah-ha’). ʔaq̓am Organization exists for the Community.  Externally, we are here to serve the Community, and internally, we are our own Community, comprised of different departments unified by our Vision, Mission, and values.  As a team, through our own roles and departments, the ʔaq̓am Organization works together to achieve our strategic plan – ka kniⱡwitiyaⱡa “Our Thinking”, and continue to progress and move our Community forward.   
Position Summary:

The Human Resources (HR) Generalist provides management, consultation, interpretation, guidance, coordination, facilitation, administration and valuation of the functions, policies, systems, processes and practices that support the Organization’s human resources. This position will create policies and procedures that align with the culture of the Organization and its mission and vision statements.  It covers HR functions including policy development and interpretation, recruitment, position management, benefits, compensation, performance management and employee relations.

This position supports opportunities for growth and development of human capacity, while ensuring the human resource needs of the organization are met in the job positions and individuals in those positions.

The HR Generalist is a resource to employees and management and is responsible and accountable to the Chief Operating Officer. This position, by its very function, holds confidential corporate and personal information and is obligated to protect that information.

Key contributions are:

• Develop, implement and manage policies and procedures that are compliant with Canada Labour Code and reflect our values, vision and strategic plan, ensuring consistency and equity of administration.
• Provide advice and guidance to ensure consistency and compliance; and minimize organizational liabilities.
• Provide solutions to HR challenges.
• To function with ethics, integrity and consistency of policy interpretation and application.
• To maintain human resource files; personal privacy and confidentiality meeting all legislated requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Plan, develop, implement, manage and valuate human resource policies, programs and procedures including but not exclusive to:  recruitment, compensation, benefits, performance management, training and development.  All must align with relevant legislation.
• Respond to and resolve HR issues and questions from the management and employees on the application and interpretation of organization policies, HR processes and current legislation.
• Facilitate the hiring process for the Organization, supporting the COO, Directors, and Managers through the recruitment and selection, and onboarding processes.  Draft job descriptions, post positions, create evaluation scale, prepare interview questions, support managers through the screening and interviewing process, and offer.  Prepare employment agreements and employee documentation.
• Assist with wage and benefits costs for departments.
• Act as a knowledgeable resource of legislation that protects ʔaq̓am and individuals, in the spirit of fairness and equity.
• In collaboration and consultation with Chief Operating Officer and/or Director, advise, develop and write and edit position descriptions for new positions; monitor and revise existing positions as they evolve, change and/or expand.
• Conduct wage market surveys to inform management of external wages, benefits, and incentives in order to be competitive.
• Manage, advise and administer salary and wage administration program. 
• Administer benefits and pension policies and practices by enrolling all eligible employees in MSP Plan, Group Benefits Plan, and Pension Plan in a timely manner upon eligibility.
• Process enrolments, terminations and changes and maintain benefits records.
• Ensure billings are correct.
• Assist employees in setting up their online accounts for benefits or pension plans and with submitting benefits claims and answer any questions they may have (or direct them to the appropriate person).
• Administer benefits as required (e.g. life insurance for deceased employee, LTD, etc.).
• Recommend changes or modifications to benefits and pension to maintain external market equality and best possible coverage for employees, ensuring affordability.
• Ensure taxable benefits are correct.
• Manage illness/injury for employees to access different benefit carriers and their reporting requirements (ie:  Worksafe BC, group insurance Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Disability).
• Ensure employee development reviews, check-ins and quarterly work plan reviews take place for each employee.
• Advise, support and facilitate employment issues and problems (ie: performance, misconduct, harassment, policy interpretation and application) through investigation, mediation and communication and negotiation.
• Participate in organizational committees including (but not limited to) Health and Safety Committee and Policy Committee.  Meet on a regular basis to discuss matters of the committees.
• Organize health and safety education for the Health and Safety Committee, senior management, and staff (ie: identify hazards and risks, due diligence for supervisors, bullying and harassment)
• Provide opportunities for professional development and team building for all staff through monthly staff meetings, staff retreats, etc. 
• Participate in Director meetings.
• Maintain and process a variety of confidential records including employee files, payroll changes, resumes, interview notes, reference checks, benefit enrolments, performance evaluations and investigations.  Meet legislated requirement of employee records; information for managerial reports and analysis.
• Prepare and process required documentation, advise appropriate authorities, for personnel and payroll changes (ie: new hires and terminations, changes to: salary, title, etc.)

Training, Education and Experience
• Bachelor degree (ie: social sciences, commerce (HR) or business management), or Workshops, seminars and courses specific to human resources (benefits, compensation, recruitment, training and development, labour code/labour standards, etc.), or Certified Human Resources Practitioner

• An affiliation to a Human Resource Association is preferred

• Five years of experience as an HR Generalist/Manager

• Valid Class 5 driver’s licence

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Working knowledge of the Canada and BC Labour Standards
• Communication:  reading, writing, oral, presentations, strong vocabulary, listening
• Interpersonal:  listening, observation, non-judgement, understanding, caring, compassion, resilient
• Adaptability and flexibility: resourceful to seek creative solutions.
• Problem solving skills coupled with analytical abilities that enable consideration of details and complexities of issues while achieving results.
• Interpretation:  perception, discernment, discrimination, appropriate procedures, choices, balance of information and factors, judiciousness, fairness, honesty, integrity, with courage to stand up for opinion
• Integrity, ethics; ability to consistently maintain a high level of confidentiality
• Willing to undergo a criminal record check
• Ability to provide creative solutions to HR challenges and processes into the future. 
• Continuous learning to obtain diverse base of skills and knowledge that will demonstrate value in servicing the strategic human resources needs of the organization:  courses, on-the-job initiatives, networking and professional liaising, conferences and seminars, reading related journals and books
• Mediation and negotiation to support the reconciliation of various interests and needs
• Strategic business focus with practical, common sense, fit-for-purpose approach
• Financially literate
• Self-aware, resilient, thrive on changes, seek to find opportunity in every situation, self-managed
• Excellent organizational and event management skills
• Ability to prioritize work and projects, prepared to do through and complete work, at the same time addressing the shifting focus and demands
• Researching skills
• Excellent computer skills in word processing, Excel, internet research and email correspondence.
• Continuous learning to obtain diverse base of skills and knowledge that will demonstrate value in servicing the strategic human resources needs of the organization:  courses, on-the-job initiatives, networking and professional liaising, conferences and seminars, reading related journals and books
• Mediation and negotiation to support the reconciliation of various interests and needs
• Strategic business focus with practical, common sense, fit-for-purpose approach
• Financial literacy
• First Nations and indigenous cultural awareness and sensitivity is preferred
• Knowledge of Ktunaxa culture, language, traditions and values would be an asset

Critical Success Factors

The core of our business is serving the ʔaq̓am Community and the Ktunaxa Nation overall.  Therefore, anyone who joins the organization should have an understanding of ʔaq̓am and/or the Ktunaxa Nation.  This understanding may be gained from being a member of the ʔaq̓am Community and/or the Ktunaxa Nation, being from ʔaq̓am or Ktunaxa ancestry, or from working with the Community and/or the Nation.  If a person looking to join the ʔaq̓am Organization does not currently possess this understanding of the Community or Nation, they must demonstrate a genuine interest to learn more and immerse themselves in the culture to gain a greater understanding.

ʔaq̓am Trading Store Manager
Permanent, Full Time Position

ʔaq̓am Trading is the retail store and gas station of the Community of ʔaq̓am. ʔaq̓am Trading is expanding its current retail operation into a brand new 2,000 square foot retail and fuel facility. We are seeking a positive, self-motivated, energetic, driven individual and excellent team leader to fill the position of Store Manager. The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors for overseeing this operation in its entirety.

  •  Completes store operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
  •  Maintains store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  •  Maintains store staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  •  Achieves financial objectives by preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.
  •  Identifies current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand service requirements.
  •  Ensures availability of merchandise and services by approving contracts; maintaining inventories.
  •  Formulates pricing policies by reviewing merchandising activities; determining additional needed sales promotion; authorizing clearance sales; studying trends.
  •  Markets merchandise by studying advertising, sales promotion, and display plans; analyzing operating and financial statements for profitability ratios.
  •  Secures merchandise by implementing security systems and measures.
  •  Protects employees and customers by providing a safe and clean store environment.
  •  Maintains the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements.
  •  Determines marketing strategy changes by reviewing operating and financial statements and departmental sales records.
  •  Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  •  Maintains operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
  •  Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

o Grade 12 graduate
o Associate's or bachelor's degree in retail management or similar field
o Four years experience in retail store operations
o Three years experience in retail management
o Must be:
o Customer focused
o Able to track budget expenses,
o Able to build and maintain strong vendor relationships
o A strategic planner
o Results driven
o Proficient in managing
o Willing to learn and appreciate the culture, values and political objectives of the ʔaq̓am Community.
o Physically fit and able to lift up to 50 lbs.
o Able to work independently, without supervision

 Must have:
o Good pricing skills
o Sound marketing knowledge
o Excellent staff management skills
o Management proficiency
o Good verbal and written communication skills
o Ability to create and maintain good client relationships
o Loss and prevention training
o High degree of professionalism
o Valid First Aid Certificate
o WHMIS Certificate
o Valid Class 5 Driver’s License
o Must be willing to undergo Criminal Records Check and must be “bondable”

Previous experience working with a First Nation organization would be a definite asset.

REMUNERATION: Salary to commensurate with experience and qualifications

Please submit your cover letter and resume marked “confidential” to:

Jan Bailey, Human Resource Manager ʔaq̓am Administration
7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook BC, V1C 7E5

Email: Fax: 250-426-8935

Closing Date: The position will remain open until a successful candidate is selected.
Thank you to all applicants however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.




Part-time (21-25 hours per week) Early Childhood Educator ʔaq̓amnik̓  Daycare Centre
At ʔaq̓am we are dedicated to working toward our community Vision, collaborating to provide quality programs and services to ʔaq̓amnik̓  (the people).   By infusing our Ktunaxa language and culture into the programming at our ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare Centre we are laying the foundation for the next generation of strong and healthy Ktunaxa citizens. Our employees enjoy exposure to Ktunaxa culture and language, a cohesive work environment, we offer excellent benefits and a diverse, dedicated and enthusiastic team!

In collaboration with the Daycare Manager, the Early Childhood Educator will assist the Daycare Centre to do its part in preparing our infants, toddlers and pre-school children of today to become our next generation of Ktunaxa professionals, trades people, parents, chiefs, councillors, artisans and …..

Key responsibilities will include:
• Provide quality childcare as well as plan and carry out developmentally and age appropriate educational activities to engage children aged 1-5 years in learning;
• Help children complete daily tasks and routines to gain independence and provide constant feedback and communication to build self-esteem;
• Function as a member of our cohesive, positive, flexible and exuberant team, which includes staff, management, parents and community members.

Successful candidates will have:
•     Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certification and licence to practice;
•     Doctor’s medical clearance letter;
•     Up to date immunization record;
•     First Aid Certificate
•     Vulnerable Sector Check and Criminal Record Check;

Preference will be given to candidates who also have:
•     Previous experience in a similar capacity, supervising and working with children; experience developing learning activities would be an asset.
•     Previous experience working in a First Nation community.
•     Food Safe certification.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and copy of ECE certificate and licence to:
Jan Bailey, Human Resource Manager, ʔaq̓am                                                                                         
Fax:  (250) 426-8935
7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 7E5       Email: jbailey@aqam.net

Closing date: Ongoing
While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those candidates selected for an interview
will be contacted.





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