Administration Office shifting to work at home model

Kiʔsuk kyukyit everyone!

One year later and the struggle continues… As you are all aware the cases of COVID in BC are again on the rise.  As an organization we have based decisions on whether to remain “open” by what is happening locally and as you are all aware, cases in the Cranbrook/Kimberley area are on the rise.  We also know that the variants of COVID are popping up locally too.

Kindness BINGO

ʔaqam Health & Wellness is putting on a Kindness Bingo over the next 2 week of April for your chance to win a big health & wellness prize!

Once you have a BINGO or a blacked out card, submit it or drop it off with Chelsea at the ʔaqam Health & Wellness Center, no later then 12:00pm on Friday April 30th.


Graveyard Cleanup