November 20, 2023 Band Meeting

Please see attached agenda for November 20, 2023 Band Meeting

St. Mary's River Fire Updates

For the full update and most current information, see the Wildfire of Note page on or visit

call (250)426-2188

toll free 1(855) 346-2188




BC Hydro & Prescribed Burn Area Contractor Onsite Notification

BC Hydro will be doing wood rot checks on all the poles along the transmission line next week (July 17th-21st, 2023). They will be using a pickup truck and using hand shovels to dig a 12” x 12” wide hole, 18” deep at the base of the pole to check that there is no underground rot. No power outage is expected.

A contractor from The Wandering Ecotone will also be onsite on Tuesday, July 18th to finish doing fuel plot surveys on the 2023 burn area. 

BC Hydro Pole Replacement Notification

BC Hydro will be replacing a pole on Mission Wasa Lower Road (location shown in file attachment) on July 12th. They will have an archeologist onsite along with a mini hoe and bucket/digger.

No power outage is expected. 


Community Meeting

July 7, 2023 - 2:00pm

Please see attached notice regarding July 7, 2023 Community Meeting

2:00 pm

Dan Joe Memorial Gym

Dinner will be served