St. Eugene Church

The St. Eugene Church is a local landmark, one of the few Victorian-era wooden churches remaining in British Columbia. Its history stretches back to the late 1800’s, shortly after the founding of the St. Eugene Mission.

The elegant structure features a tall steeple, stained glass windows, buttresses at each corner, and cut shingles, as well as priceless artwork and statues inside the building. The stained-glass windows were imported from Italy, most of which are still in their original condition.  Portions of the church were also pre-fabricated in Italy and brought to its present home in 1897.  The church interior was constructed locally using tongue and groove methodology, with the help of local Band members. It opened for worship on Palm Sunday in 1898.

Standing beneath the towering Steeples range of the Rocky Mountains, St. Eugene Church is a striking element of a stunning and storied landscape.

Extensive renovations and restorations have taken place on the Church since 2011. 

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